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Recap: Career in Quantum Technologies Fair on March 3rd, 2022

The Career in Quantum Technology Fair 2022 is an online event that gathers Quantum Technology experts and Academia to discuss the different opportunities available in the field to boost companies’ productivity and enhance employment in this sector. The event is hosted by QURECA Ltd in collaboration with The Quantum Insider. Was present, 7 leading stakeholders across the Quantum Ecosystem from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel. They shared their experience to 691 registered attendees, on expert panels of 6 keynotes and short talks alongside 1789 booth visits and speed networking sessions.

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Recap – Quantum Latino 2021

From the 9th – 11th of June, QURECA, along with The Unconventional Computing Lab and Quantum South, virtually hosted Quantum Latino, the first large quantum event in Latin America. The…
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Use cases for quantum computing

QURECA would like to acknowledge Quantum Business Europe, and more specifically Bruno Fedrici, Arthur Wolgust, and Adeline Velnon, for their research which forms the basis of this article.  The New…
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The Future of Finance is Quantum

By Callum Ruddock. Quantum technology is coming of age. With viable products and service solutions entering the market within 3-5 years [1], it is time that the financial sector started…
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The Quantum Ecosystem and Its Future Workforce

There is no doubt, we are entering the second quantum revolution. Every week some exciting news about quantum technologies appears in the media. Nowadays, several countries worldwide have initiated a…
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Meet Brazil Quantum

How do you inspire Brazilian minds to pursue a career in Quantum Computing? Brazil Quantum is the first Brazilian community about Quantum Computing. Founded by Rodrigo Ferreira, Rafael Veríssimo, Pedro…
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Overview on quantum initiatives worldwide

(Post updated 19th July 2021) Over the last years there has been an exponential increase on investment in quantum technologies worldwide. The global effort for public funding has been boosted.…
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