Quantum Industry Placement Fellowship

QURECA’s Quantum Industry Placement Fellowship Programme brings together talented and curious quantum enthusiasts in a cohort-based environment to accelerate quantum learning and placements in start-ups and innovative companies for work experience.

Why Quantum?

Be part of the quantum revolution!

By 2027, the global quantum technologies market will reach a minimum value of $42.4b

By 2040, the estimated number of quantum jobs worldwide is 5.8 million

Programme Features

Tailored training in quantum technologies

Guidance from industry experts and mentors

Access to global quantum resources

Opportunities to expand your professional network

How Does it Work?


The fellowship programme supports startups and enterprises with their resourcing journey by collaborating with trained fellows on stipend-based internships, and expanding their talent pool and quantum products and services. This programme will also help to identify areas to integrate quantum technologies into their businesses.


The fellowship programme offers the fellows an opportunity to hands-on training, acquire technical and soft skills, and build industry experience by working on short industrial project through stipend-based internship.

Eligibility and Requirements

Masters or PhDs (all disciplines).

We encourage female candidates and those with diverse background to apply for this fellowship.