Quantum Training for Business

Ensuring you and your business are quantum-ready

QURECA offers quantum training customised for business in three dimensions, with modules tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Duration from
1 hour to
18 weeks

Online and in Person Courses
Hands-on Tools


We fulfill your training needs step by step

Implementation Level

Bespoke training for the different stages from basic to defining quantum strategy and implementation within your business.

We take you to the next level in your quantum journey!

The only way you can become a quantum master is by following a step-by-step approach.

Understand quantum

Understand quantum for your business

Start with a PoC and specific use cases

Define your strategy

Build your quantum team

Full implementation

Increase your knowledge with our tailored programs, suited to your goals and needs

Create your own learning path based on your industry, your staff, and your knowledge!

Get different professionals quantum ready!

CxOs, business leaders, software developers, engineers, and general staff (e.g. marketing, HR teams, etc.) need to understand quantum at different levels and from various perspectives. This is how we combine different training modules for different professions.

Build quantum capability for your business!

QURECA collaborates with extensive quantum technology companies, academia, and pilot users to provide training courses needed by different business sectors: financial services, defence and space, energy, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceuticals, logistics, etc.

Tailored Training

Get your business quantum ready !