Professional services

Embark on a quantum journey with QURECA’s professional services. From business development for start-ups to strategic decision making with business intelligence, we offer expert guidance to help your organisation thrive with quantum technologies. Redefine your business strategy, identify opportunities early, and stay ahead of the curve for sustained growth.

Business Development

The creation of the long-term value for your organisation starts now. QURECA provides professional support to start-ups and businesses, helping them become leaders in the field of quantum technologies.

Build Your Brand

Reach new markets and customers by redefining your marketing strategy.

Identify Opportunities

Stay up to date with the market trends and recognise the new business leads early on.

Grow Your Business

The long-term vision of your business is supported by knowledge management and a perfect action plan.

Fuel your growth in quantum technologies!
Join forces with QURECA’s business development support to shape your long-term success and start your journey to becoming a quantum leader now!

Business Intelligence

Key strategic decisions aligned to a defined business vision can be the differentiator of success. QURECA supports businesses to build their strategy in the field of quantum technologies.

Interpret the Data

We prepare data visualisation and reporting to offer you a better understanding of quantum technologies.

Make Better Decisions

Support your decision-making process with the latest market insights and gain confidence in your revenue projections.

Develop Your Strategy

Boost your competitive advantage in your business sector by staying ahead of the curve.

Dive into data-driven success!
Elevate your strategies with QURECA’s business intelligence expertise and explore the quantum future today!

Tailored Training

Our goal is to make you and your business quantum-ready. Together with our expert partners, we develop a wide range of training programs.

Get Different Professionals Quantum-Ready!

CxOs, business leaders, software developers, engineers, and general staff (e.g. marketing, HR teams, etc.) need to understand quantum at different levels and from various perspectives. This is how we combine different training modules for different professions.

Build Quantum Capability for Your Business!

QURECA collaborates with extensive quantum technology companies, academia, and pilot users to provide training courses needed by different business sectors: financial services, defence and space, energy, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceuticals, logistics, etc.

Create your own learning path, based on your industry,
your staff and your knowledge !