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We help you develop your quantum training or educational strategy

Customised for Academia and Industry
Outreach • Curriculum Development • Lifelong Learning

Duration from
1 hour to
18 weeks

Online and In-Person Courses
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For Everyone:
from Governments
to the General Public


We develop quantum courses with you for upskilling and reskilling talent, as well as to engage customers. We also help you develop your own unique quantum strategy, suited to all your business needs.

Upskill and train your team including your customers

We customise training along 3 dimensions to deliver courses right for you:

  • Quantum expertise level
  • Professions of the training audience
  • Industry or business sector

Get diverse professionals quantum ready!

We develop different training modules to meet the training needs of diverse professionals who need to understand quantum technology from different levels and perspectives.

CxOs • Business Leaders • Software Developers • Engineers • Marketing and Sales • Project/Product Managers • Business Analysts • Other Professionals

Build quantum capability for different business sectors !

QURECA collaborates with extensive quantum technology companies, academia and pilot users to provide training courses required by different business sectors:

Financial Services • Defence and Space • Automotive • Energy and Utilities • Industries • HPC and software • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals • ICT (Telecom, Security) • Transportation and Logistics • Others

Shape the future of the quantum workforce !

The only way to become a quantum master is through to a step-by-step approach.

Educational Institutions

To address the issue of scarcity of quantum talent and nurture your students’ potential in this field.

Make Learning Quantum Easy and More Accessible

QURECA helps you design your curriculum on quantum technologies and quantum computing, from the basics to advanced courses. We work at all educational levels.

Furthermore, we develop industry-specific modules that enable you to offer training courses to your students, preparing them for their future jobs in quantum.

Our e-learning platform on quantum technologies is the only online platform focussed on offering quantum education with an industry focus. We help you develop your own online courses!

Introductory & Advanced Courses

We have developed both e-learning courses and customised in-person introductory courses which cover the whole range of quantum technologies and more!

  • What is Quantum?​
  • The Quantum Ecosystem​
  • Basics of Quantum Technologies
  • Quantum Technology Use Cases
  • Quantum Safe-Security
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • IP for Scientists

We also collaborate with experts from quantum technology companies and academia to develop advanced courses on quantum technology and computing.

Hands-On Learning Tools

We use hands-on learning tools to facilitate enable your students to firmly grab deeply the concepts of quantum technology and quantum computing.

Qureka! Box: The most tangible and engaging educational tool for teaching and learning quantum computing !

We provide hands-on training on SpinQ’s desktop quantum computers to K-12 and undergraduate students.​

Whatever the education level, QURECA will be your educational partner

Primary Schools


Junior / Community Colleges

Undergraduate Qualification

Postgraduate (Masters) Qualification

Doctorate & Postdoctorate

Professional programs & skill-based training