What is Quantum?

Quantum refers to the fundamental principles governing the behaviour of matter and energy at the smallest scales. On this page, you will gain a basic understanding of what those technologies are, and in which various fields they will shape the future. Whether you are a curious beginner or an enthusiast seeking deeper insights, we have courses for you to learn more about quantum!

Quantum Phenomena

Quantum technologies harness the principles of quantum mechanics to build powerful tools for processing information. These are the technologies driven from engineering the individual quantum states.






Quantum Technologies

Thanks to the control at a single particle level of the above quantum phenomena, quantum is reshaping the technology landscape and our understanding of the universe through the following new four domains.





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The Future is Quantum

As technologies that exploit the laws of quantum physics, they are capable of addressing some of the biggest challenges humanity faces in the digital era.

Drug Discovery

Quantum computing will accelerate the process of finding the right drug by reducing the search space and time. Quantum simulation accelerates the identification of new drugs by simulating molecular interactions at quantum levels, drastically reducing the time to discover new medicines. Quantum sensing enhances precision in imaging biomolecules, aiding in the understanding of disease mechanisms for targeted drug development.


Optimisation of materials synthesis, characterisation, assembly, and diagnostic in manufacturing to reduce material wastage and toxic emissions are some examples of how quantum computing can be applied in this sector. In manufacturing, quantum simulation is a crucial tool, leading to the creation of new materials with ideal properties like enhanced strength and temperature resistance. Quantum sensing and imaging strengthen the monitoring of manufacturing processes, identifying atomic-level anomalies to prevent and locate defects.

Oil & Gas

With quantum computing the optimisation of the allocation of resources to improve utilisation & increase profitability is possible. Quantum sensing and imaging offer improved subsurface imaging for exploration, allowing for more accurate detection of oil and gas reserves. The oil and gas sector then benefits greatly from quantum simulation, which improves reservoir models to fine-tune extraction techniques, enhancing yield while mitigating environmental impact.

Financial Services

Quantum computing and simulations brings a new dimension to financial modelling, enabling banks and financial institutions to conduct more precise and comprehensive risk assessments. It also allows for the optimization of investment portfolios by processing complex market variables much faster than conventional computers. For the security of transactions and data, quantum communication would provide a fortified layer of protection against cyber threats.


The energy sector stands to gain from quantum simulation, which can aid in the development of cutting-edge renewable sources by emulating intricate chemical processes like photosynthesis. Quantum computing further optimises processes for grid operators to meet their power demand with the optimal combination of energy sources such that it minimises carbon emissions and costs and secures the smart grid network against external tampering.


Quantum computing can support hospitals to increase the efficiency in surgical scheduling, thus reducing wait times, increasing throughput, and improving patient outcomes. Quantum simulation contributes significantly to healthcare by modelling complex biological systems, leading to personalized treatment plans based on predicted individual responses. Diagnostic capabilities leap forward with quantum sensing and imaging, enabling the early detection of diseases with high resolution and using non-invasive techniques.

Supply Chain

From inbound raw materials to outbound distribution, supply chain optimisation using quantum computing results in higher transportation efficiency, better warehouse management, and higher accuracy and performance in logistics operations. Quantum sensing offers a new level of precision in tracking products from manufacturing to delivery, ensuring the verification of authenticity and quality.

Defence & Security

For defence and security, quantum simulation aids in creating new materials for armoury and refining strategic operations. Quantum sensing pushes the boundaries of surveillance, detecting distant or stealth threats through sophisticated imaging and positioning techniques. Quantum communication delivers secure, invulnerable channels for the transmission of sensitive military information, maintaining the secrecy and integrity vital to national security.

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