Meet Brazil Quantum

How do you inspire Brazilian minds to pursue a career in Quantum Computing?

Brazil Quantum is the first Brazilian community about Quantum Computing. Founded by Rodrigo Ferreira, Rafael Veríssimo, Pedro Ripper, and Camila Mendes – four undergrad engineering students – in July 2020, it aims to solve some crucial problems regarding Quantum Computing in Brazil.

Although it has been a relatively well-debated subject among other countries, Quantum Computing remained vastly unpopular in Brazil for several years. Discussions about this topic have typically belonged to the universities and the research centers.

Something needed to change to inspire and to let the young Brazilian minds to embrace this new technology. This is where Brazil Quantum comes into play, with a mission of filling the existing gap in the Quantum Computing’s different levels – from the beginners to the Academia.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Brazil Quantum focuses on promoting and creating Quantum Computing content in Portuguese. Beyond writing blog posts and tutorials, Brazil Quantum also runs an interview series (BQ Talks) with Quantum Computing experts. Hopefully, all this effort will substantially increase the available resources and the passion of Quantum Computing among our members and followers.

Brazil Quantum is continuously coming up with new and relevant partnerships to articulate its future projects as best as possible. This includes – but it is not limited to – hackathons, career events, and online courses.

You can reach out to Brazil Quantum and check its content here. If you would like to collaborate somehow, do not hesitate to contact our community.

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