QURECA Partners with Moody‘s to Develop “Quantum Computing for Quants” Training Course

Glasgow, 31 October 2023 – QURECA, a leading quantum technology education and training solutions provider, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Moody’s Analytics to create a comprehensive training course, “Quantum Computing for Quants”. This initiative marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between quantum computing and the financial industry and is specifically designed to empower professionals to harness the power of quantum computing in quantitative finance.

Moody’s Analytics, a leader in providing financial intelligence and analytical tools, will launch the “Quantum Computing for Quants” course in January 2024, embedded in its Learning Solutions offering.

This collaboration aims to deliver a comprehensive curriculum in order to upskill financial analysts with the knowledge and practical skills required to leverage quantum computing for enhanced decision-making, risk assessment, and portfolio optimization. Learners will gain a deep understanding of quantum algorithms, quantum hardware, and how to implement quantum solutions in their day-to-day work.

“Offering this complete quantum training reflects Moody’s dedication to providing clients with access to cutting-edge knowledge and solutions, empowering them to navigate the evolving financial landscape more effectively and be prepared for the technological disruption that quantum will bring,” said Sergio Gago Huerta, Moody’s Analytics’ MD of Quantum and GenAI.

“QURECA aims to provide solutions for upskilling and reskilling professionals in the field of quantum technologies. Bringing the appropriate content to specialists in the financial business sector to gain new competences and be able to apply this new technology to their industry is crucial. This opportunity to work together with experts in the field to create a unique product for Moody´s and quants worldwide is an excellent example of a solution for the talent shortage in finance.” – said Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, CEO & Founder, QURECA

For more information about the “Quantum Computing for Quants” training course and updates on its launch, please visit QURECA’s website or contact us to info@www.qureca.com.


QURECA is the leading quantum consulting firm for quantum training and resourcing, to support individuals and businesses to be part of the quantum revolution that specializes in bridging the gap between quantum technology and industry. With a team of experts and a global network of partners, QURECA provides a range of professional services including education and training, recruitment, strategy consulting, business development, and the solution to the quantum workforce skills bottleneck. QURECA has been at the vanguard of quantum workforce development and education around the world and offers a wide range of tailored training packages and hands-on workshops for specific industry use cases.


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About Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions. Moody’s deep risk expertise, expansive information resources, and innovative application of technology help its clients confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. Moody’s is known for its industry-leading and award-winning solutions, made up of research, data, software, and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. Moody’s create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide, with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach, and focus on meeting customer needs. Moody’s Quantum computing group conducts research and training on the technology’s potential.

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