“Quantum Computing Governance Principles” QURECA contributes to latest WEF report 2022

As the leading quantum technology education provider, QURECA, is at the forefront of latest developments around the global quantum technology ecosystem. We take pride in our awareness and knowledge of the ecosystem, that is why we are delighted to announce our contribution toward Quantum Computing Governance Principles, the latest Insight Report from World Economic Forum. The report, published on 19th January (2022), lays out the first set of principles for the responsible design and adoption of quantum computing technologies​​ 

The principles are grouped into nine themes, which include transformative capabilities, access to hardware infrastructure, open innovation, cyber security, standardisation, workforce development and capability-building. While road mapping toward positive outcomes for society – it also outlines the key actions to be taken by stakeholders to incentivise the development of the technology while mitigating the possible risks. The report highlights seven core values of common good, accountability, inclusiveness, equitability, non-maleficence, accessibility, and transparency as fundamental underpinning to the nine themes that are discussed throughout. The nine themes are:  

  1. Transformative capabilities – harness the transformative capabilities of this technology and the applications for the good of humanity while managing the risks appropriately.
  2. Access to hardware infrastructure – ensure wide access to quantum computing hardware.
  3. Open innovation – encourage collaboration and a precompetitive environment, enabling faster development of the technology and the realisation of its applications.
  4. Creating awareness – ensure the general population and quantum computing stakeholders are aware, engaged and sufficiently informed to enable ongoing responsible dialogue and communication; stakeholders with oversight and authority should be able to make informed decisions about quantum computing in their respective domains.
  5. Workforce development and capability- building – build and sustain a quantum- ready workforce.
  6. Cybersecurity – ensure the transition to a quantum-secure digital world. 
  7. Privacy – mitigate potential data-privacy violations through theft and processing by quantum computers.
  8. Standardisation – promote standards and road-mapping mechanisms to accelerate the development of the technology.
  9. Sustainability – develop a sustainable future with and for quantum computing technology.

QURECA’s expert contribution comes from our Founder and CEO, Dr Araceli Venegas-Gomez, providing valuable research and co-creation credit throughout the report; as well as highlighting QURECA’s own research in public funding and national interest when discussing the quantum ecosystem around the world. 

You can find the full publication, here: https://www.weforum.org/publications/quantum-computing-governance-principles/ 

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