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$5 MILLION Prize Purse

XPRIZE Quantum Applications is a 3-year, $5M global competition designed to generate quantum computing (QC) algorithms that can be put into practice to help solve real-world challenges.


QC is a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of computer science, physics, and mathematics that seeks to use the information processing power of quantum mechanics to solve otherwise difficult computational problems.

Competing teams will develop new applications for quantum computers that can address complex, global challenges in climate, sustainability, health and beyond. This is a pivotal time for quantum computing; join us in shaping a future where technology meets the world’s most pressing challenges head-on.

XPRIZE Quantum Applications is made possible thanks to the generous support of title sponsor Google Quantum AI, with funding from Google.org, and presenting partner the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) Foundation.



Currently, quantum computers are not sufficiently advanced enough to solve real-world societal problems that classical computers cannot. However, as the technology advances, relatively few companies and university researchers are focused on translating quantum algorithms into real-world application scenarios and assessing their feasibility to address global challenges once sufficiently powerful hardware is available.



A future in which a diverse community of quantum experts, policymakers, and business leaders collaborates to identify and unleash the potential of quantum computing algorithms and applications to tackle some of the largest problems humanity faces.



XPRIZE Quantum Applications has the potential to transform how we tackle some of the largest problems humanity faces  — a testament to XPRIZE’s dedication to pioneering and impactful innovation. This prize brings together XPRIZE’s expertise in designing, launching and executing  large-scale competitions, Google Quantum AI’s extensive knowledge and leadership in advancing quantum computing, and GESDA’s global perspective and ability to convene policymakers and experts to create change. Together, our goal is to nurture the growth of an ethical and forward-looking quantum ecosystem.

While this competition marks the initial stages of uncovering the positive impacts of quantum computing on global challenges, some aspirational examples of applications might include:

  • Enhancing the drug discovery process by enabling more accurate predictions of how drug candidates interact with proteins in the human body.
  • Making simulations of electrical grid loads more efficient by improving the way we model inductors and capacitors in differential equations.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency by helping us better model materials and molecules, such as those in batteries or fusion reactors.



XPRIZE Quantum Applications is actively seeking applicants working on quantum algorithms focused on sustainability and social impact. We welcome global innovators from various fields to participate in the competition. The winning submissions will most accelerate the field of quantum algorithms towards quantum advantage for positive real-world applications.

To learn more, check out our Competition Guidelines.



A new quantum algorithm for solving a new class of problems with quantum advantage

Work showing how existing quantum algorithms can be used to solve previously unknown applications with a quantum advantage

Work significantly reducing the resources required for a quantum computer to reach quantum advantage for an already established algorithm/application



Be at the forefront of developing quantum applications to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Email us at qc‑apps@xprize.org with any questions, or submit the form below to get involved.

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