Single Photon Workshop 2024

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Welcome to the eleventh Single Photon Workshop

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Scotland

Single Photon Workshop 2024

Welcome to the home of the Single Photon Workshop 2024. The Single Photon Workshop (SPW) is the largest conference in the world dedicated to single photon generation and detection technology and applications. The biennial international conference brings together a broad range of people across academia, industry and government bodies with interest in single photon sources, single photon detectors, photon entanglement, and their use in scientific and industrial applications. It is an exciting opportunity for those interested in these technologies to learn about the state of the art and to foster continuing partnerships with others seeking to advance the capabilities of such technologies.

Professor Gerald Buller, Heriot-Watt University and Professor Robert Hadfield, University of Glasgow have been nominated to bring the prestigious 11th Single Photon Workshop to Edinburgh. The Conference is Scheduled to take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) over the five-day period, 18-22nd November 2024.

World leading researchers from international universities, industry, and government will present their latest developments in single photon devices and methods with a view towards improved performance and new application areas.

Professor Gerald Buller

Professor Robert Hadfield 


Quantum science and single photon technology continue to attract world-wide attention due to the impacts they will have on computing, sensing, metrology and communications.  With an ever-growing international community, the Single Photon Workshop thrives in its ability to attract leading figures from across the globe.  The most recent SPW conferences have been held in Seoul (2022), Milan (2019), Colorado (2017) and Geneva (2015) and have attracted an international audience, with year-on-year delegate growth.  The expectation is that upwards of 400 delegates from around the world will be in attendance to enjoy a full technical conference along with a ministerial address, an evening public outreach event and exhibition.


November 18
November 22
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