Ready for Quantum? Quantum Technology Skills and Competences in Hiring and Training

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Ready for Quantum? Quantum Technology Skills and Competences in Hiring and Training

Developed by Aarhus University in context of the QTIndu project and funded by the European Commission, this series of workshops aims to help business professionals navigate the emerging trends and necessary resources linked to quantum technology and its applications. These in-person seminars are brought to you by Berlin Quantum and Leap Berlin. | |

Target Audience: HR professionals, team leaders, managers, and executives involved in hiring and training efforts within the quantum technology domain.

Designed to leverage recognized community-produced tools, this course equips companies with invaluable resources to enhance their recruitment, education, and training efforts in quantum technology (QT). This course offers a strategic approach to talent acquisition and development in the field of QT. Over 2.5 hours we delve into specific tasks and considerations pertinent to hiring and training managers. Hiring managers will learn and train to define job functions, identify diverse talent sources, and establish evaluation protocols, while training managers will identify core competencies, evaluate training resources, and assess in-house training material development.

Participants will familiarize themselves with the essentials for strategic Quantum Hiring and Training. This includes resources such as the Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies and results from research into Quantum Training Hotspots and ongoing global Quantum Job Analysis. A central tool covered in the course is the innovative GPT-job post writing service customised for quantum-adjacent positions.

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