Quantum Mechanics and the Future of Computing

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Quantum science could change the world!

Quantum Computing and Engineering could transform medicine, predict environmental disasters and pandemic outbursts such as COVID19. It could break encryption and revolutionise communications and artificial intelligence. Companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google are racing to build reliable quantum computers. Leading economies such as the U.S., Russia and China are investing billions.

Australia and Israel are not staying behind and have also invested substantially into Quantum research.

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has recently raised $70M (AUD) towards its Quantum research centre and aiming for $70M more in the next few years. Sydney Uni has invested $150M (AUD) towards its Quantum and Nanoscience efforts.

Recently, Google claimed that it had achieved quantum supremacy – the first time a quantum computer has outperformed a traditional one. But what is quantum computing? And how does it work? How will it impact our day to day lives?

Hear from thought leaders Prof. Ben Eggleton, Director of the University of Sydney Nano Institute and A/Prof. Ido Kaminer from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.


November 26, 2020
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