Quantum Excellence Industry Event and Jobs Fair

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The Quantum Excellence Industry Event and Jobs Fair is in partnership between the Universities of Strasbourg (France) and Hamburg (Germany), Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), and Macquarie University (Australia). It will provide a platform to connect students and future quantum experts with the growing global quantum industry. The program includes presentations by field leaders and leading quantum technology companies, an interactive entrepreneurship session and a job fair with virtual booths for one-on-one discussions between students and industry professionals.

Connecting future quantum experts with global research and industry leaders

  • Overview talks by field leaders
  • Quantum computing software and hardware
  • Enabling sensing, technologies, and cryptography
  • Entrepreneurship session
  • Job fair with virtual booths


Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University, AU)
Daniela Pfannkuche (University of Hamburg, DE)
Michel Pioro-Ladriere (Université de Sherbrooke, CA)
Guido Pupillo (University of Strasbourg, FR)
Peter Schmelcher (University of Hamburg, DE)
Armand Soldera (Université de Sherbrooke, CA)
Philippe Turek (University of Strasbourg, FR)
Thomas Volz (Macquarie University, AU)
Shannon Whitlock (University of Strasbourg, FR)


February 7, 2021
February 12, 2021
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