Quantum Energy Initiative Workshop

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Launched in August 2022, the Quantum Energy Initiative aims to foster a worldwide community of experts caring about the physical resource cost of emerging quantum technologies, and willing to develop scientific approaches to estimate and minimize these costs. Addressing these questions mandates to put in synergy a broad range of expertises, from fundamental quantum physics to enabling technologies, from hardware to software, from research to industry. This first inaugural workshop of the Quantum Energy Initiative will bring together highly renowned speakers of all these areas, to provide their vision on these exciting and essential questions. It will also leave time for discussions and crossed-fertilization, first steps towards the build up of new methodologies and roadmaps.

Physical resource costs will be explored at 5 interconnected levels, defining the 5 topics of the workshop:

  1. Fundamental quantum devices
  2. Quantum hardware
  3. Quantum algorithms and software
  4. High performance & hybrid computing
  5. Fundamental thermodynamics of information



November 20, 2023
November 24, 2023
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