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Quantum Motion presents, Quantum Emulation 2024.

This is a one-day event in London aimed at people who develop, use, or would like to use software that emulates quantum computers. The plan is to stream the key talks, but much of the event is focused on exploring the systems and so requires in-person participation. We’ll focus on full-state emulation and the tools and techniques that enable that.

As quantum hardware increases in complexity, the challenge of designing useful algorithms for these machines comes into focus and the prospects for techniques like error mitigation and quantum error correction become clear. Key details such as the precise nature of noise and imperfections in quantum machines, as well as their speeds and topologies become apparent for a range of platforms.

Against this evolving landscape it is more interesting than ever to have software, running on conventional non-quantum devices, that can closely emulate the early quantum systems. In this way we can test our ideas against a variety of architectures, topologies, gate sets and noise models. Moreover we can create full Virtual Quantum Devices (VQDs) and test them to inform the best direction for experimental developments.

A key system that will feature in the event is the QuEST (quantum exact simulation toolkit) family:

  • Core QuEST, implemented in c
  • QuESTlink, the award winning interface to QuEST from Mathematica™
  • pyQuEST, the latest member of the family allowing python programmers to fully benefit from the highly optimised backend.

Leading developers for QuEST including Tyson Jones and Richard Meister will be present throughout and happy to help attendees install and use the software, as well as being receptive to feedback.

Beyond this the organising team welcome discussions, debates and talks about all aspects of emulation, as well as the repeated topics of quantum compilation and resource audits.

This event is hosted by Quantum Motion and co-sponsored by UK National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC).


April 24
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