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There have been more technological advances in the past 50 years than the last 50,000 years or the entirety of human civilization. At this rate of breakthroughs, what was once deemed science fiction: quantum computers, printing atoms, sentient cities, molecular food, synthetic bio intelligence, ultimate connectivity and virtual-physical hybrids are much closer to reality than most think.

With these Frontier Technologies on the horizon, what does this mean for the future of citizens, cities, industries and societies?

And more importantly, how can these technologies be used as building blocks to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for humanity?
PUZZLE X is the world’s first platform to convene the most bleeding-edge of Frontier Tech for a more sustainable and prosperous future with a focus on MATTERverse : The physical world that we live in.

From the bleeding-edge of physics, food, 5G, genomics to fashion, energy, mobility, brain interfaces, IoT, infrastructure and more, PUZZLE X brings the world’s biggest visionaries, industry leaders, innovators, forward-looking governments and civil societies from all different domains to showcase, discuss and chart the future of citizens, cities, industries and societies enabled by Frontier Tech.


November 15, 2022
November 17, 2022
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