Cryptography – A Primer for Quantum Technologists

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In this session, we will introduce (a) some basic cryptography techniques, then (b) discuss some of the post-quantum cryptography techniques considered for replacing key distribution in a post-quantum world. Also, (c) we will cover a quantum key distribution (QKD)

technique known as BB84, which relies on the features of quantum physics to exchange private keys.


Terrill Frantz is a professor at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in the USA, where he teaches pre-college,

undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses in quantum computing, among other subjects.

He recently pivoted into quantum computing after working with classical computing software for over 46 years!

Terrill runs and manages

Sooraj Bopanna
Quantum Computing | Internet of Things (IoT) | Deep Learning | AI/ML | Blockchains | Program Management | PMP, CSM

Next Level Quantum Security

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