10th International Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control (CQIQC-X)

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Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) are enjoying immense fundamental and applied progress, with new ideas and techniques allowing precise design and control of quantum systems. Prominent subfields of QIS include quantum algorithms, computing and simulations, communications and cryptography, metrology, chemicals and materials discovery.

Importantly, ideas and methods from different fields of science: math, computer science, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, materials design, drug discovery, and even philosophy and finance, are coming together in current QIS research.

At CQIQC, we believe that to make breakthroughs in QIS, scientists need to be well-informed in ongoing developments in different subfields of QIS.

Our tenth annual conference (CQIQC-X), organized jointly by CQIQC and the Fields Institute, will cater to both senior and junior scientists, with sessions devoted to foundations and applications, theory and experiment, and pure and applied research. The conference will gather leaders from these different platforms to share the current state of the art in QIS, and learn from each other.

CQIQC-X will host the awards ceremony for the John Stewart Bell Prize for Research on Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics and their Applications, along with talks related to the winner’s research.

While much attention is now being given to the technological ramifications of QIS, this conference’s foremost objective is to address the fundamental questions in the field, e.g., to understand the nature of quantum phenomena, complexity of quantum algorithms, protocols for secure quantum communication, algorithms for quantum molecular simulation.

The CQIQC-X meeting will spur interactions between these different sub-fields through a mix of invited and contributed talks, and posters, selected from a large pool of truly ground-breaking work from around the world. Participants will have ample opportunity for in-depth discussions and to meet researchers at all stages of their careers from both academia and industry.

Registration Instruction:

Registration form is now open: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/10th-international-conference-on-quantum-information-and-quantum-control-tickets-803154947067

  • General Admission: CAD$500
  • Student & Postdoc Admission: CAD$300



August 26
August 30
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