Quantum Computing: Fact v. Fiction

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Quantum computing can advance the scientific community and our society, creating solutions for previously unsolvable problems. Achieving this level of large-scale impact will require the collaborative efforts of the broader quantum community, including academia, industry and government, and increased engagement of students and those who will use the technology to help improve our lives.

Join Scott Aaronson, professor of computer science and founding director of the Quantum Information Center, The University of Texas at Austin; and David Awschalom, director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, to learn more about the distinct power of quantum computing.

The event will first feature a keynote presentation by Aaronson, followed by a fireside chat and Q&A between Aaronson and Awschalom.

This event is part of the Chicago Quantum Summit, a program of presentations and discussion exploring the future of quantum information science. The Chicago Quantum Summit, which takes place virtually Nov. 11-13, is open to the public.


November 12, 2020
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