International Conference on Quantum Communications, Networking, and Computing (QCNC 2024)

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QCNC 2024 provides a forum for academic researchers and industry practitioners to present research progresses, exchange new ideas, and identify future directions in the field of Quantum Communications, Networking, and Computing.

Scope and Objectives

In recent decades, quantum researchers have made remarkable progress, propelling quantum technology into the spotlight for its potential to revolutionize classical communications, networking, and computing. The inherent advantages of quantum technology, particularly in terms of security, privacy, efficiency and scalability, have opened new frontiers in information technology. Quantum technology has demonstrated its ability to introduce applications with no equivalent in the classical realm, marking a breakthrough towards an unimaginable future. The establishment of connections between the quantum source node and destination node using quantum hardware and devices facilitates qubit transmissions, which in turn enables advancements in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and cryptography and further services and applications. Envisioned as a transformative force, quantum services are anticipated to span the globe, leveraging quantum terrestrial components, satellites, airplanes, ships, and other vehicles. The quantum future holds the promise of nearly unconditional security, super-computing power, large capacity, even at high velocity, and heightened privacy.

Our conference welcomes submissions across diverse research areas related to quantum hardware, communications, networking, computing, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and their associated systems and applications. The topics of interests are covered by the following tracks:

Track 1: Quantum Hardware and Devices

Track 2: Quantum Information Networks

Track 3: Quantum Computing

Track 4: Security in the Quantum Age

Track 5: Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Cryptography

Track 6: Quantum Services and Applications

Track 7: Quantum Technologies: Theories and Experiments

Best Paper Award and Journal Special Issues

Three accepted papers will be selected for best paper awards. Selected papers will be recommended to IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (IF: 16.4) and Digital Communications and Networks (IF: 7.9) for potential fast-track publications.

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