Q-Expo: Bringing the Global Quantum Industry to Europe

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🚀Summer quantum fest in Amsterdam on June 11 & 12!

The first ever edition of Q-Expo, an international quantum event, is set to bring together fresh ideas and innovators to the city of Amsterdam.

Join us for this unique summer event, an initiative of the European Quantum Industry Consortium, co-hosted by Quantum Delta NL.

Interested in showcasing or sponsoring at the Q-Expo? Secure your spot now! A limited number of easy turn-key booths still available starting at €5,000! Contact eva.tomic@euroquic.org to reserve your space or fill out this form.

Q-Expo and the QuIC-internal Meeting are part of Quantum Meets ’24, a series of quantum-related events taking place in the Netherlands.

Make sure you are registered for Q-Expo / Amsterdam – KIT Royal Tropical Institute – 11 & 12 June – 10 AM – 5 PM


June 11- Exhibition Day

  • Connect with quantum entities, business leaders, and government representatives from across the world. Grow your network during this vibrant expo day.
  • Exciting news! Our exhibitors include: Amires, CERN, CNR DelftCircuits, Keysight, Kiutra, LuxQuanta, Multiverse Computing, SingleQuantum, TNO, Oesia, Qilimanjaro, QCentroid, Qu-Test & Qu-Pilot, QuIC, QuantrolOx, Quantum Delta NL, Qruise, Quside, Q-Bird, Qblox, LuxQuanta, TNO and Sonnenberg Harrison!
June 12 – Plenary Day

  • Immerse yourself in a carefully curated program exploring real-world applications for quantum technologies. Join industry experts, government representatives and other leaders as we discuss the future of quantum innovation and its impact on economic and societal prosperity.
  • Programme details are coming your way soon! All event info can be found here https//app.swapcard.com/event/q-expo
June 13 – QuIC Internal Meeting Day

  • QuIC will hold its usual Member-only internal meeting at the same venue location, with presentations focused on work / expert groups and QuIC operations.
  • Make sure to plan accordingly and join us on this third day. This event will last until 3 pm.


June 11
June 12
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