Planning Workshop on Quantum Computing (PlanQC 2024)

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April 28, 2024,

In conjunction with ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2024) San Diego, CA (USA)

Funding for quantum computing has come from a variety of programs at the National Science Foundation (NSF), which have been multi-disciplinary and cut across multiple NSF divisions. However, no NSF quantum initiatives have been led by the Computer, Information Science and Engineering (CISE) directorate within NSF. Undoubtedly, there is a surge in demand driven by open positions in academia and industry focused on the computing side of quantum. There is arguably a need for a focused program on quantum computing led by CISE in cooperation with other directorates to enable the next generation of quantum algorithms, quantum architectures, quantum communication, quantum systems, quantum software and compilers. The objective of this
workshop is to identify areas of quantum computing in particular to enable new discoveries in quantum science and engineering, and to meaningly contribute to creating a Quantum computing-ready workforce.

To articulate this need and to develop a plan for a new CISE-led quantum program, we plan to bring several leading senior and some junior researchers in quantum computing together for a planning workshop complemented by selected ones beyond the CISE community to foster interdisciplinary interactions.

This workshop will lead to a comprehensive report that will provide a detailed assessment of the need for a new CISE program and will provide a description of the research areas that such a program should focus on. With such a new program, NSF would be able to focus its efforts on the computing aspects of quantum science and greatly enhance its ability to sustain the leadership role of the United States in this area of strategic interest. This workshop and report will be the first stepping stone in bootstrapping such a program. Call for participation.

We invite researchers both already active in quantum computing and those aspiring to become active to participate in a one-day workshop, including some participants from the quantum application domains. The focus of the workshop will be to engage in discussions and summarize findings in writing to create a report on open quantum problems and motivate workforce development in the area. The workshop format will be alternating plenary and break-out sessions to provide a unifying vision while identifying research challenges in a diverse set of subareas.

Quantum Topics

Classical control and peripheral hardware
Workshop Chairs and Organizers
Frank Mueller North Carolina State University
Fred Chong University of Chicago
Vipin Chaudhary Case Western Reserve University
Samee Khan Mississippi State University
Gokul Ravi University of Michigan

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