Deutsch’s Oracle

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I love Deutsch’s Oracle!

Deutsch’s Oracle essentially demonstrates how Quantum Computers can perform the mind-boggling, mystical computations that they do so effortlessly.

Computations that mankind and womankind never thought possible!

Quite simply, they require exponentially fewer computational processes than their inferior digital counterparts!

I used to think how digital computers -in a way- operate at the speed of electricity so how could it be out-performed by a factor of millions by Quantum Computing.

Well this presentation will explain how 🙂

The Oracle is basically a watered-down version of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm which means that if you are familiar with superposition and the likes of a CNOT gate you can actually understand what is going on.

More importantly, I stress the magnification of the effects between the categories (CNOT gate) and the neutralisation the effects within the categories (Negation) and by so doing we can make a condition rise to the surface -rather like a conjurer forcing a playing card!!!

Quantum Computing -like life- is a series of incremental advances and Shor’s, Grover’s Simon’s algorithms evolved from the Deutsch Oracle premise.

Trust me it is worth an hour or so of your time 🙂

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