6th International Workshop on Quantum Compilation

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11-12 September 2024

Berlin, Germany


About the workshop

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from quantum computing, electronic design automation, and compiler construction. Open questions that we anticipate this group to tackle include new methods for circuit synthesis, optimization, and rewriting, techniques for verifying the correctness of quantum programs, and new techniques for compiling efficient circuits and protocols regarding fault-tolerant and architecture constraints.

The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to, current hot topics in quantum software compilation such as

  • Depth- and space-optimizing compilers for quantum circuits
  • Quantum and reversible circuit peep-holing and (re)synthesis
  • Reversible logic synthesis
  • Technology-aware mapping
  • Fault-tolerant circuit compilation
  • Quantum programming languages
  • Intermediate representations for quantum software
  • Optimized libraries (e.g., for arithmetic and Hamiltonian simulation)
  • Benchmarking of circuits for small and medium scale quantum computers
  • Design-space exploration for automatic code generation from classical HDL specification
  • Software and tools for all above mentioned topics
  • Quantum outreach: coding contests, tutorials, education


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September 12
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