2023 Winter Conference on Quantum Simulation with Quantum Hardware

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While simulation of quantum problems with classical computers has revolutionized fields like chemistry, materials science, condensed matter and nuclear physics, successful implementation of quantum algorithms has the potential to yield enormous additional computational capabilities for studying complex quantum systems. Over the past several decades there has been considerable progress in the development of quantum hardware. Currently, state of the art quantum machines, both analog and digital, are at the threshold where the computational power of these machines is about to exceed that of conventional computers.

At this Aspen Winter Conference, we will bring together people working on state-of-the-art quantum hardware, both analog and digital, with leading theoretical physicists in order to explore how to harness the power of quantum computers for solving a broad range of hard quantum problems. The meeting will foster collaborations by exploring what can be done with the current generation of quantum hardware, identifying quantum problems/models which may be solvable using quantum hardware in the future, and determining how to optimize quantum hardware for solving physics problems.


February 5, 2023
February 10, 2023
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