Quantum Latino set to return for 3rd year in 2023

The third year of the biggest quantum event in Latin America is here! Register now. This time it will be a hybrid event held both online and in-person in Lima, Peru. Once again, you will be able to learn, exchange ideas, connect, network with the most active researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry collaborators of the emerging quantum community in Latin America.

The global quantum effort leading to research and innovation in quantum science and technology is continually rising with current worldwide public funding exceeding $33 billion. In Latin America, Brazil intends to create a Competence Center in Quantum Technologies with an initial investment of $12 million. [1] The mission of QURECA is to create global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. Since 2021, we have partnered with Quantum-South, the Unconventional Computing Lab and Kipu Quantum to bring the quantum community in Latin America together with the purpose to help it grow and expand quickly.

In the last two years Quantum Latino attracted thousands of attendees, of which about 59% were located in Latin American countries, as well as many quantum leading companies including Atos, Honeywell and IonQ.

This year the event will be held not only online, but also at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe located in the charming Mexico City. From novices to seasoned quantum-ready users, Quantum Latino welcomes a variety of audiences, including businesses, consumers, investors, the government, students, and academic institutions. It encourages the rise of a community of quantum-ready individuals to foster synergies and collaborations to strengthen the quantum ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to meet face to face with many of your peers in quantum community, 3 days continuously!

The first day is dedicated to quantum research community to discuss their research and advancements in the quantum technologies. In addition to keynotes, research talks, we will host poster sessions to give students´ opportunity to show their academic achievements and ideas.

The second day will be focussed on the business side of quantum technologies to bring together governmental institutions, investors, startups and end users. There will be Industry talks, workshops, showcases, government initiatives, panel discussions.

The third day is dedicated to all the stakeholders in the quantum ecosystem including general public, whoever wants to contribute to or tap into the quantum world. Many interesting activities will be held: poster session, careers event, outreach activities, quantum computing hands-on workshops.

It is worth mentioning that there will also be two special programs on site. Career Event on June 14th offers job search and resume building assistance, as well as opportunities to engage with employers, for people looking to work in the quantum field.

Reviews from past events

Jenni Strabley from Honeywell

¨We were able to give a presentation by Dr. Juan Pino on a lot more the details of our hardware and our technology that was well received and Juan really enjoyed participating in the event. ¨

Luis Casuscelli from Atos

¨ Quantum Latino es una forma de conectar a esa comunidad que precisa saber lo que está pasando, precisa saber lo que se está haciendo. Sin duda que fue importante la participación y eso nos acerca a algunas empresas y algunas personas que no nos conocíamos. Lo veo como una plataforma de conexión muy importante. ¨

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[1] Quantum Initiatives Worldwide – Updated 2023


A company that creates global opportunities with Quantum Technologies. They offer all the resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value, providing the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community. Some of their services include business development, training and resourcing.


Established in 2019, Quantum South is a multidisciplinary quantum computing software company, with operations in Europe and Latin America. Quantum-South designs solutions with a quantum computing approach combining expertise in multiple quantum software platforms


Established in 2004, The Unconventional Computing Lab contributes primarily to the understanding of the physical, mathematical, implementation, and societal aspects of computation. The international and multicultural laboratory produces ground-breaking science towards understanding the ultimate capacities and limits of computation imposed by physics and mathematics, developing engineering methods to transform our scientific advances into products and services useful to humanity and non-human animals.


Kipu Quantum is a German quantum computing startup based in Karlsruhe and Berlin. We design hardware-specific application-dependent quantum computing solutions and quantum algoritms. Kipu has as a central goal to bring quantum advantage to the present of all industry use cases.


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