Strangeworks Announces A New Offerings for the Quantum Community

The driving force behind Strangeworks Inc. is its company missions to create a global quantum workforce, create accessible quantum computing and streamline the existing quantum production workflow.

Back in February 2021, Strangeworks announced a huge step towards achieving their goals, announcing three new initiatives. Of course, such missions would never be achieved so easily.

That’s why Strangeworks is back with a new offering for the quantum community.

On October 7th 2021, Strangeworks announced the launch of their new Strangeworks Backstage Pass Program.

But what is this program and what impact will it have on the Quantum community?

Strangeworks Backstage Pass Program

The Backstage Pass Program encompasses a range of early or limited access tickets that can be used across a wide variety of Quantum computing technologies.

Strangeworks states that each ticket within the program will have its own unique application criteria. Applicants are allowed to apply for as many tickets as they wish.

At launch, the program will feature two ticket options, with more options arriving at a later date.

Strangeworks announces Backstage Pass quantum hardware program
Strangeworks Beta Program

The Beta Program is the first offering as part of the Backstage Pass program. It will be available to all Backstage Pass users.

The Beta Program ticket grants users early access to new Backstage Pass features, as and when they become available. These features include: enhanced team functionality, enhanced data exports, reporting features and more.

Quantum Hardware Credit Program

The second offering from the Backstage Pass program is sure to turn some heads. For this program, Strangeworks is teaming up with Amazon Braketit.

The Quantum Hardware Credit Program provides ticket holders with $5000 in credits to use on the Strangeworks platform.

These credits can be spent on hardware systems available via Amazon Braket from D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti.

The company states that access to the Quantum Hardware Credit Program is limited and applicants should apply early for the best chances of success.


Applications for the Backstage Pass Program are now and can be submitted here.

Interested individuals can also check out the Backstage Pass Program FAQ’s for more information before applying.

Good luck to all applicants!


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