Quantum Eastern Europe 2022 – Event Recap

For the very first time, a global event brought together the Eastern Europe Quantum Community under the same event to discuss opportunities and development, thanks to Qureca, along with QWorld and Hamilton Consulting who organised Quantum Eastern Europe 2022. The event was held online from 5 – 6 May 2022 with exceptional talks and workshops to raise awareness and transfer knowledge in the whole of Eastern Europe and beyond about quantum science and technology.

Quantum Eastern Europe attracted almost 500 attendees, from more than 10 Eastern Europe countries (with Hungary and Poland with the majority of participants), 66 speakers who share their knowledge over 269 sessions supported by 5 sponsors: IQM, Optica (formerly OSA), Nokia Bell Labs, Qblox, and Quantum Phi, to foster synergies and collaborations between academia, industry, government, and interested individuals, and thereby strengthen the quantum ecosystem in this geographical area.

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The event is organised to contribute to the development of a strong network of quantum academics and industry experts, and it will help fill the gap in the emerging field of quantum technology.


Quantum Eastern Europe 2022 Testimonials

Event Follow up

A massive thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and talented individuals who participated in the event. We hope the event contributed to all the attendees’ and companies’ expectation. Some of the sessions are available on QURECA YouTube channel. This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed any of talks!

To learn more about the event and all our fantastic sponsors, have a look at our event booklet.

Feel free to contact us for any other relevant feedback, or to get information about the next quantum event, we hope to see you there!

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