The Quantum Daily and Qureca to Host ‘Careers in Quantum Technologies’ To Match Right Quantum Workers to The Right Quantum Workplace

The Quantum Daily and Qureca present Careers in Quantum, a global jobs fair.
The Quantum Daily and Qureca present Careers in Quantum, a global jobs fair.

One of the main concerns for business and organizations in the quantum industry is finding the right workers. For workers, their main concern is finding a workplace that is a good fit for their skills and aspirations.

That’s why The Quantum Daily and Qureca are hosting ‘Careers in Quantum Technologies’ on June 24.

“This is something that we’ve heard time and time again as we meet people hoping to make a difference in the quantum community,” said Alex Challans, CEO of The Quantum Daily. “Quantum businesses are scaling at an unbelievable rate, but to make that growth sustainable, they need the right people. For quantum experts, it’s unlikely they’ll find a quantum job in their backyard, or down the street, so they need to network globally. That’s what this conference is trying to accomplish.”

At the event, workers will have a chance to network with the world’s leading employers in the quantum technology landscape. Quantum employers have a chance to connect with the world’s most highly trained and educated quantum workers.

Bringing these two communities together is an important step for the quantum ecosystem.

“In the last years, there are many more companies facing difficulties to hire specific talent. At QURECA, we provide recruitment services directly, but the success of last year Quantum Careers event was a clear sign that we needed to enable further connections between job seekers and quantum companies around the world”, said Araceli Venegas-Gomez, CEO of QURECA. “With this event, we want to bring the community closer, where individuals and companies can discuss and understand where we are in terms of skills and competences needed to drive the quantum ecosystem further”.

The convenient half-day event will feature keynotes, sponsor company talks, speed networking and company booths. Workers can meet potential employers and discuss opportunities on a one-to-one basis.

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