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Quantum for everyone

The introduction to quantum technologies you need for you and your business!

Quantum for everyone is available!

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Dr. Bruno Fedrici

Consultant & Lecturer in Quantum Technologies.

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez

Founder & CEO of QURECA, Quantum Ambassador.


The instructors are quantum experts with a broad range of academic and industry experience.

Course Curriculum:
  • Lesson 1: Basics of Quantum Computing
    • Quantum computing as a service
    • Quantum speedup
    • Superposition, entanglement and interference
    • Hardware platforms
    • Roadmap to the future
    • Taking your first steps with a cloud quantum computer
  • Lesson 2: Quantum Computing Use Cases
    • Simulation, optimisation and machine learning
    • Applications in chemistry and pharma
    • Applications in finance and insurance
    • Applications in transportation and energy
  • Lesson 3: Transitioning to Quantum-Safe Security
    • Cryptography basic principles
    • Quantum-Safe status
    • Case study – blockchain technology
    • Quantum resistant algorithms
    • Quantum cryptography
    • Case study – a hybrid quantum-classical communication network
    • Quantum risk assessment
  • Lesson 4:  The Quantum Industry
    • National initiatives 
    • Companies landscape and private funding
    • First steps for end users
    • Resources beyond this course

Duration: 4 weeks (~3h/week)



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