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Quantum for everyone

The introduction to quantum technologies you need for you and your business!

This non-technical course will teach you how to navigate the rise of quantum technologies and its applications across industries. Whether you want to know what’s behind the buzzwords or whether you want to perhaps use quantum technologies yourself either in a personal context or in a corporation or other organisation, this course will teach you how.

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Course Price: £400

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Dr. Bruno Fedrici

Consultant & Lecturer in Quantum Technologies.

Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez

Founder & CEO of QURECA, Quantum Ambassador.

The instructors are quantum experts with a broad range of academic and industry experience.


An excellent Quantum introduction for management! by Steven Stern, Zapata Computing

“The Quantum for Everyone course was informative and well produced. It delivered a balanced presentation describing the fundamentals of Quantum Computing coupled with what’s important for organisations to consider. I found it to be an excellent Quantum introduction for management and beneficial for new to the industry technical professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found my time well spent.”

Specialised educational series “Quantum Computing for Finance”

Introduction to quantitative and computational finance

“Introduction to Quantitative and Computational Finance” provides a basis to step into the world of Quantum Computing for Finance. This introductory course will develop fundamental concepts required for an understanding of quantum algorithms and more advanced topics in computational finance. This course will teach you the basics of derivative products, the Black-Scholes-Merton model for pricing vanilla derivatives, and how to compute the price of exotic options with a computer.  This course is designed for all those who wish to develop their skills and start a career in quantitative finance.

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Course Price: £200

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Quantum algorithms for computational finance

“Quantum Algorithms for Computational Finance” is an advanced course in the emerging field of quantum computing for finance. This technical course will develop an understanding of quantum algorithms for their implementation on quantum computers and their applications in finance. This course covers several aspects of quantum programming for people already familiar with the basics of quantum programming. This course will benefit all those learners who want to explore the long-term employability of quantum computing in finance.

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Course Price: £800

(Promotional price, otherwise £1,000)
Students get a 50% discount, just send us an email to team@qureca.com to get your student discount code!!

Instructor: QuantFi

QuantFi is a French start-up research firm formed in 2019 with the objective of using the science of quantum computing to provide solutions to the financial services industry. With its staff of PhD’s and PhD students, QuantFi engages in fundamental and applied research in the field of quantum finance, collaborating with industrial partners and universities in seeking breakthroughs in such areas as portfolio optimisation, asset pricing, and trend detection.

Quantum Training for Enterprise

Hear from Zapata Computing’s science team and engineering experts about the science behind Quantum Computing, its challenges, and how your Enterprise can become quantum-ready™.  You’ll explore, what is Quantum Computing and how will it impact your organization. You’ll explore questions such as, “what problems can my organization solve in the near and longer term with quantum?” & “How may we build capabilities now while remaining flexible?”  

In this self-guided, modular course, Zapata answers these questions while discussing the potential, challenges, and current state of Quantum Computing—from scientific, engineering, and business perspectives. This course will improve your ability to discuss quantum computing concepts within your organization, with your industry peers, vendors, and customers.  You will also learn about potential applications to solve the world’s most complex analytics problems through real case studies and use cases.  

Course Price: £400
Instructor: Zapata Computing

Zapata Computing, Inc. builds quantum-ready applications for enterprises on Orquestra, the only computational workflow platform for quantum computing. Orquestra integrates best-in-class classical and quantum technology, including Zapata’s leading-edge algorithms, open-source libraries in Python, and more. Zapata has pioneered new quantum-classical methods in ML, optimization and simulation to maximize value from near-term quantum devices, and partners closely with hardware providers across the quantum ecosystem such as Amazon, D-Wave, Google, Honeywell, IBM, IonQ and Rigetti.

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Business for quantum scientists

Quantum computing with Microsoft Q#

Introdução à Computação Quântica

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