#QuantumWinter – Multiphysics Simulations using Quantum Computing

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World’s first Knowledge Series & Hackathon on Multiphysics Simulations using Quantum Computing
-> 5 Learning Sessions
-> 1 Hackathon
-> INR 25,000 worth Prizes and Cash to be won
-> Job offers & Internship opportunities

We’re excited to bring you, along with one of the world’s most exciting startups BosonQ Psi, the first-ever Quantum event on Multiphysics Simulations – The #QuantumWinter.

BosonQ Psi Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic and state-of-the-art venture that is leading the paradigm shift in the marriage of quantum computing and #multiphysics #simulations.

QCI & BQP are collaborating to provide a very niche Hackathon around #multiphysics #simulations. But for the community to equip itself with the relevant knowledge we are dedicating the entire month of November to learn as a community from academics and practitioners around the globe.

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